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Dedicated to restoring and preserving the historic Cranberry Lake footbridge – one of the oldest pedestrian footbridges in the state of New Jersey.

“Many of New Jersey’s parks and historic sites are desperately in need of funds for repair and rehabilitation, and at this point in time the State just doesn’t have enough money to go around. We cannot rely on the State of New Jersey to provide the sole source of money needed to help ‘Save Our Bridge’ – volunteerism and grassroots community efforts will be needed to save this historic icon.”    – James Oscovitch, Cranberry Lake resident and former Byram Township Mayor


To create and endow a fund for the restoration and continual maintenance of the pedestrian suspension bridge called the Cranberry Lake Bridge.  To plan and fund a celebration for the 100th anniversary of the Cranberry Lake Bridge on Memorial Day 2031


There will soon be a lot happening as we work to ‘Save Our Bridge.’  You will find press releases, event announcements, photographs, fundraising merchandise and much more here. Check back often.

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Stay aware and participate in all our upcoming events.

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